We need a change – Linah London feat. Sehwang Kim, Karl Kula

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R&B/Pop Princess- Linah London releases a tune to spread global inspirational energy with the collaborative single ‘We Need a Change’ featuring Sehwang Kim and Karl Kula.

Multifaceted R&B/Pop songstress Linah London, demonstrates her catchy lyrical skills with her charming new sound ‘We need a change’ – it will be released in London, LA and Seoul.

She surprised us with a special collaboration single with Kpop producer Hosuk Ryu for SL.P and UK based DJ/recording producer Ben Keen. Having mastered the art of singing that is uniquely hers, Linah is a quirky young woman who enchants her audience with an immense amount of energy and talent.

She is featured with Karl Kula, London based rapper, songwriter and radio DJ who’s style is experimental and has a tendency to free-styling rather than pre-writing his raps. Karl draws from personal experience and those of friends met along the way living on the margins, struggling with uncertainties but determined to face constant changes and be proactive. James Sehwang Kim, a legendary guitarist also agreed on the message, joining the tune from LA.

‘We need a change’ is a mixture of Latin jazz and electronic catchy toe-tapping music written by SL.P from observing that people are drowning under various changes often from technology, economics, social movement etc. We are so busy it’s hard to keep up with these changes but, it’s time to dive into being the change-makers. “Being an artist, producer and entrepreneur, I want to urge a global message of being a changemaker – it is an energetic vibe.” he explains.

SL.P and Linah’s first collaborative project just triggered a huge musical inspiration to other artists and fans all over the world. Korean upswing girl group GWSN and an electronic composer Junjaman will join to release a remix in Seoul next month. Luke Holland, an LA-based drummer with millions of social media fans will play a drum remix showing a strong passion to be a changemaker. Vanillaz Music, artist and DJ are also excited to be joining the global inspiration to East Europe. Linah’s brave wave will capture millions of change-makers from the world.

‘We Need A Change” went out on 24th November 2018 on Spotify and Apple music.


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