‘Not Alone’ by Grace Kim

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GRACE KIM is a soul singer-songwriter based in Liverpool. She and her trio-band are performing in Northwest and Londonareas, and experimenting with musical fusion at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts(LIPA). Having the musical background as a gospel singer and a classical music composer, her current music roots in Soul/R&B genres with a blend of jazz elements influenced by Anita Baker. Sprinkling of the Kate Busheccentricity on her songwriting, the storytelling gets expressed through the soaring vocal ability. Accompanied by the tightly crafted band performance, she performed at the beloved Liverpool’s festivals, Liverpool Soulfest 2016 and Threshold Festival 2017. Her track ‘No One’ was featured by BBC Introducing. 

Now meet Grace Kim’s stories on her music at FrontRow.

1. Please introduce yourself : about who you are and what you do

Hi I’m Grace Kim, a singer-songwriter with 3-piece-band. Originally from South Korea, I’m currently performing in London and Merseyside areas. My music is hugely influenced by R&B/Soul/Jazz genres.


2. What the music means to you?

The music I do is a way of expression and confession for me. There are things I’d love to tell people but not in averbal way. When it comes to my personal or intimate sides like love, sadness or frustration, I do prefer talking through music rather than daily conversations.


3. What makes you continue making music?

Making music is one of the skills that I feel comfortable with. I can do more than just focusing on the making part, I could, in fact, convey something through it. And it feels quite good enough to motivate myself.


4. The most challenging part living as an artist and how do you overcome it?

Practically the most challenging part for now is that this job isn’t supposed to have a regular income. Whenever I have a chance to earn, I need to grab the chance. It does sometimes feel like I’m in competition constantly. But still I can’t let this go. So the music and I, as a musician, have this love and hate kind of relationship I guess!


5. More story about your new song and your main source of inspiration?

This song ‘Not Alone’ is not a very new song but we recently did the Arrangement again. The lyrics are one of honest ways of describing myself and, perhaps, many young people nowadays. We don’t know where exactly we’re going in our career and life. We also work hard on shaping our personality to fit into
what the society requires, every day, hard and diligently. That’s what this song is about. ‘I’m running everyday. I don’t know where I run to. There are many doors. But none is the right one to go through.’

6. Any upcoming event for you(launching or gigs)?

We’ve got several things coming up. The next gig in London is on 22nd of April at Surya, which is near King’s Cross Station. And on the next day (23rd) we are featuring for Phoenix 98.0FM for a live
music show and interviews. It would be an acoustic session so if anyone fancies acoustic music with piano, this would be a good show. On May 19, the full band of Grace Kim Band hits Soho ‘The Spice of Life’


7. Who is your role model?

I would love to be like Kate Bush, who carries on her musicality and quality after a long time and still so being Kate Bush herself!
8. What kind of artist do you aspire to be?

Unique, relaxed and inspiring!


9. The last word for your fans?

Thank you for reading this and listening to my song. Hope you found something you like. If you did, do visit my website ‘gracekim.uk’ which will lead you into facebook, twitter, instagram and all that. I’d like to hear from you too. So don’t hesitate to leave a message to me if you wish. Have a wonderful day to you all!

Find more about her on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

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