YB to Release a New Single: Drifting Free

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YB’s new single ‘Drifting Free’ is a manifesto from the biggest hard rock band in Korea; that they are not afraid of challenging their musical boundaries and comfort zones. YB fans who are used to YB’s powerful hard rock numbers, may have wondered when they first listened to the new single’s mellow, dreamy, and minimal sounds. However, when the track is finished playing, Drifting Free will come as YB’s continuous evolution and expansion in their musical universe.


Drifting Free is composed by YB’s guitarist Heo Jun, and the lyrics are also written by the band member Scott. Heo Jun, who is not only a guitarist but also responsible as a music director and sound engineer, has worked on the final mix of the track. Listening to the tone and sound balance by Heo Jun is one of the intriguing points of the single. Moreover, Drifting Free is bringing more freshness to the track by featuring Hwang Soyoon from the rising-star band Se So Neon. YB’s vocalist Yoon Dohyun’s unique vocal texture and Hwang Soyoon’s soulful deep voice perfectly harmonize in the song, brining life to the track.


You should not miss out the MV as well. The MV casted famous Korean actor Ryoo Seungbum, and it gives unique and mysterious visual aesthetics with the combination of beautiful landscape sceneries and surreal mood of the song. Drifting Free will also be features as an OST of the movie <Winter Surf 2>, where YB’s drummer Kim Jinwon is appearing as an actor. Drifting Free perfectly blends into the slow motions of the cold winter ocean, the surfers, and their beautiful freedom. As written in the lyric “you touch the ocean light”, Drifting Free is a perfect single that represents the ocean and the surfers.


Close your eyes and listen to the song, you will feel like you are ‘Drifting Free’ in the ocean. YB’s new single is all about an observation of our inner peace and freedom. While listening to the Drifting Free, YB wishes people to find peace of mind, look deep into the true-self, and take one step away from the hassle and fast life even for a brief moment.

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