These Days by LAWDS

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A self-taught composer & song-writing MC, whose musical mind can be described as a rehearsal room with Fela Kuti, Nina Simone, Bob Marley, Miriam Makeba, James Brown, Hugh Masakela and Aretha Franklin ALL jamming together without a care in the world! In an era where many artists continually experiment with their musical identity, LAWDS is refreshingly different as he possesses command of his various musical abilities with the spirit of an old sage.

His forthcoming single, THESE DAYS, is a captivating and magical Debut that heralds the presence of a gifted and significant musical craftsman. He plays the elements of his songs himself. A fact that leaves most in amazement. His music sounds rich and new whilst feeling eternally familiar in a soothing and reenergising way, yet he is in a class of his own. The most exciting thing is that there is nothing unsure about his sound. He doesn’t sound experimental, in contrast, he sounds like an old soul that has come home to share a thing or two.

Born Lawrence Adeokun, a creative and artistic Yoruba man who grew up with a background as diverse as his musical taste, Lawds always had a fascinating relationship with music. He hears each constituent element separately whilst hearing the whole song at the same time. He “sees” the feeling and attitude behind each note struck by the musicians. He assumed this was how everyone else heard music. Drawing on his artistic passion, he created his first guitar out of layers of cardboard and rubber band. At least it looked like a guitar! He got his first exposure to the piano at the age of 8 and has been hooked since. Drums at 15 and Guitar at 17.


HE, however, insists that he doesn’t “play” any of them but instead uses them as “Paint Brushes” to paint the sound he “sees”. The Musical Portraits and Landscapes he weaves evoke such pleasurable emotions, bringing something special out of artists he works with.

In 2000 he conceptually founded LAWDSHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT, a Production House offering an eclectic catalogue. LAWDSHOUSE gives a home to Hip Hop, Reggae, Soul, World Music and Jazz. But there’s a twist: the songs are the results of a beautiful fusion achieved by blending elements of various genres. There are Hip Hop records with Jazzy DNA and World Music appeal, Reggae with Jazz influences, Soul with a hint of Latin Jazz.

In 2012, he was the Music Supervisor on a full feature movie called Turning Point. The movie was directed by Niyi Towolawi and featured a mix cast of American and Nigerian actors – Ernie Hudson, Jackie Apiah, Cynthia Williams, Todd Bridges and a host of others. When asked why it has taken a while to formally introduce his craft to the world, Lawds’s answer is this: “If I were to manufacture beer, I would go by a formula and hit the market in no time, but to establish as a winemaker known for mature wine, many years must pass and I myself must refine my art of wine-making”

Try as you may, it’s hard to liken LAWDS unto anybody, yet he sounds like you’ve always known him.

For more information, click to LAWDHOUSE website and Instagram.


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