Shine by Natalia Soul

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Nashville-based newcomer Natalia Soul’s “Shine” alternately pulses and floats on air. This is new music with new wave guitar shimmer, powerful vocals and hints of funky pop wafting. The song is bright and abstract, and Natalia Soul’s charming voice peaks out at times to weight the tune. Other times she sings like she’s jumping through puddles. The lyrics repeat themselves, but she tries them out in different cadences and pitches, like a drummer moving from tom to tom, cymbal to cymbal.

The song is inspired by personal experiences, by those moments when life takes away everything from her, leaving her only with what matters most. But in the middle of chaos there are still those transcending moments when we gaze into our loved one’s eyes and we feel a bond that makes us strong. In those moments we understand that it doesn’t matter how much we lose, as long as we know that we have loved.

Born and raised in La Plata, Argentina, Natalia is a singer-songwriter who’s been adopted by the loving community of Nashville, TN. For her creating music is a way to understand life and to connect with others. Her songs are based on good karma and good energy from the pencil to the studio. She believes that people will receive this energy through her music. If one of her songs can make people laugh, smile, cry, think, or just feel something, she’s happy. She uprooted herself three years ago, and found musicians, producers and incredible girls that are her support network. Her first all American single “Funk that”, a funky pop anthem to answer the pressure society puts on women, is on ver the verge of release soon.

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<Wrote by Monica Lee, Edited by Marthe Lisson>

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