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Meet music entrepreneurs

Marco Santesso and Oscar Simon Chu Ortega are arising music entrepreneurs based in London, helping artists find more opportunity in live performances with their platform,

A few years ago, Marco Santesso managed to organize a tour in the Netherlands for his Italian band, Siadefse. Noticing the success this idea had among his musician friends he decided to turn it into an online platform and started to develop the business plan and the design, however, he put the project on pause as he didn’t have a team.

He moved to London for his study and thanks to all the events, institutions and people, this vibrant city gave him the tools and the confidence to try to make his dream a reality.  Oscar Simon Chu Ortega, CMO quickly jumped on this opportunity and in February 2017 Gigride was born with the goal of becoming every musician’s booking agent, the go to platform for any live music event.

<Marco Santesso, CEO and Oscar Simon Chu Ortega, CMO>


Gigride is growing fast

Ever since its launch in late 2016, Gigride has over a 1,500 registered on users worldwide. Musicians, promoters, venue managers. But there is more to come, Gigride is expanding. Gigride Online Radio has just launched and along with this the start-up is now introducing Gigride Blog.

That’s because two founders have helped hundreds of bands to play hundreds of gigs, a few bands came from Italy to London and few more toured from the UK to Italy. They’ve launched our onlineradio and our blog and they are building a community.

They are even working on getting new slots in Ireland, Spain, and Italy to make it as simple as possible for an act to set up a tour, even internationally. Browse for gigs, filter by country or city, and apply just like you’d do in your local music venue.

“They are out there and meet their artists. We try to go to as many gigs as possible to meet the bands.”


Vision for live music

Gigride’s future is to allow any musician/DJ to book his/her own gigs anywhere, rent a van, instruments, accommodation, rehearsing space, sell tickets and merchandise all under one roof. On the host’s side, we’ll make their life easier by implementing an AI that will learn their preferences to help them save as much time as possible. Smart, quick, hassle free.

Also, Gigride will meet fans and people who just love going to gigs, since planning to have a fan log on the platform. 


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